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What is PDR (painless dent removal)?

PDR is an “art”. When utilizing the PDR method, a qualified technician can restore a panel in its initial state, by working from the perimeter of a dent inwards. Pdr is the most effective, cost and time efficient method for the dent removal from your car.

How is the Paint-less Dent Repair done?

A PDR is done by utilizing advanced tools chosen by a qualified staff member in accordance with the particular damage. As well as a board, which highlights the nature of the damage and monitors every stage of its restoration.

What happens in the case of hail damage?

We restore your car to its initial state - always without the need to spray-paint.

Does my insurance cover the damage?

The process is simple. You advise your insurance broker and if you find that you are ‘covered’, we undertake the whole process of repair and payment - without any cost to yourself.

How long does a repair take?

A simple dent can be repaired between 15’ - 30’
Multiple / "deep" dents: 1 – 3 hours

Is the repair guaranteed?

The repair restoration is 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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